Amplifying Your Presence/Presenting Your Best Self

Lee Woodruff
Through an interactive workshop, Woodruff will teach tips and tricks to amplify your presence and be an effective and compelling communicator in every situation, from job interviews and keynote speeches to media interviews and panel participation.
This is a single-session event.
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Lee Woodruff

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Thu, Sep 16
Thu, Sep 16
5pm PT / 8pm ET
60 min



Public speaking is on most people's list of their most stressful situations.  But with a few pro-tips, you can learn to master and control the experience.  The goal is to be the the best version of yourself, no matter what your subject and circumstance.  During a one-hour seminar, Lee Woodruff will conduct an interactive session to help you amplify your "presence" in every communications situation.  Your presence is the sum total of how we perceive you, from body language and voice, to crafting and crisping your message in an engaging way.  The seminar will begin with best practices and tips and tricks for all kinds of communications situations.  These include public speaking, media interviews and Q&As, panel participation and delivering an impactful presention.  Woodruff will also discuss best practices with cutting edge visual aids to help you knock it out of the park. 

Questions and shared examples are encouraged thorughout the seminar, to make the time as interactive as possible.  Participants who would like to share with the group should bring an "elevator pitch" about yourself, your business or an idea that we can workshop.  And while being a good communicator takes practice, this seminar will give you the foundation you need to continue to work on presenting your best self. 


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