The Art of Change: How to Be Intentional About Changing Human Behavior at Individual, Organizational, and Community Levels

Aila Malik
Change is naturally occurring in all aspects of our lives. Yet, most of us feel uncomfortable changing and resist change in different ways. The art of driving change starts with understanding more about change itself. With a little intentionality -- strategy around design and contextual awareness -- we can become a "change champion," or a fully-expressed, values-driven, influential, and respected leader who acts with intention to create enduring and lasting change towards a greater vision of equity and justice. Come start your journey with tips and tools shared in this introductory workshop!
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Aila Malik

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Thu, Sep 16
Thu, Sep 16
4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET
90 min


In this workshop, participants will center on common language around types of change initiatives, assessment of change readiness, and the landscape needed to make changes stick. The workshop will focus on weaving common behavioral change-management frameworks together to create a cohesive strategy to apply at an individual, organizational, or community level. This interactive primer on change will get you to think of yourself as a change practitioner and will give you some clear tools to think more critically about change initiatives you want to champion in your life!

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