Back to Basics: The Foundational Skills Every Photographer Needs

Stacy L. Pearsall
Build the foundational skills you need to consistently take compelling photographs. In this intimate workshop led by accomplished photographer Stacy Pearsall, you’ll build the skills you need to take better images and get more creative with your photography.
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Stacy L. Pearsall

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Join renowned photographer Stacy Pearsall for a back-to-basics course designed to help you consistently create well-executed images. We’ll focus on foundational skills that all photographers need, including how to

  • properly meter
  • make unfailing manual exposures
  • focus accurately
  • use function buttons to improve shooting 
  • finesse your camera to your shooting style 


As you become more adept at the skills taught in this class, you’ll have the foundation you need to focus on the creative aspect of image-making, rather than finding yourself frustrated by the technical facets of photography. Whether a seasoned photographer or brand new to the field, this workshop will make you a more consistent, capable photographer.


To take this class, you will need a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with a charged battery and a lens, such as 24-70mm or comparable. 

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