Become A Music Artist 101

Mina Llona
A lot of people want to get into the music business, but many times don't know what they are doing. Maybe you made a song and uploaded it on some streaming platform, but that is not enough. Technology has made it easy to record a song and send it off into the internet in hopes that someone will find it and like it, but what happens after that? This "Mina Talk" will help you understand what basic things you should be doing as an independent artist trying to get noticed.
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Mina Llona

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Mon, Aug 16
Mon, Aug 16
1pm PT / 4pm ET
60 min


This event is an introduction to how to operate in the music business and how to get your music noticed and ultimately played. Yes, many artists get their first chances from luck. Perhaps people just stumbled on their music on YouTube or maybe someone made a TikTok video that made the song go viral, but everyone does not have this luck. These occurrences also don't assure you will have success moving forward. There is work to be done even if you get lucky. If you have had some mild success, this event can help you understand what you need to do to get to the next level. This can also be a space for you to meet other people in this field.


This "Mina Talk" will answer the following:

1. What basic characteristics should I have to become successful in the music business?

2. How do present myself in a professional manner?

3. What do I do once I have music?

4. How do I gain an audience? 

5. How do I get my music played/added? 


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