Deepen Your Visual Voice: A 6-Month Mentorship

Kris Davidson
In this 6-month mentorship (comprised of 8 class sessions and 2 individual sessions) attendees will deepen their photographic storytelling practice by working on a long-term photo-based project. This mentorship is best for people who have an initial comfort level with photographic image-making who want to refine their visual voice as they work on a cohesive photographic/art project. All project disciplines are welcome (photojournalism/editorial, documentary, commercial, art, personal work, mixed media (painting on/photographic collage).
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Kris Davidson

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Photography has fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate. Today, more photographs are made every two minutes than were taken throughout the 1800s. Being visually literate, in both creating and consuming images has become an increasingly vital skill.

This 6-month mentorship is designed to deepen your own photography-based storytelling practice. In the first month, we begin with foundational lectures structured to give a birds-eye view of visual storytelling, touching on photographic history, the evolving media landscape, the 4 markets for photography, and an overview of various photographic genres and aesthetic styles. Towards the end of the first month, we will introduce our project ideas and goals for mentorship work. Months 2 through 5 of the mentorship will focus on individual project production; we will meet once a month as a group to share new work and receive feedback; this is also supplemented by a closed/private online image sharing group, allowing for real-time feedback. In the last month, we will have additional lectures and presentations of projects.

Throughout the mentorship, you will have access to a shared Slack community where you can engage with other participants and Kris herself.

Outcomes for this workshop include: 

  • Develop and grow your unique visual voice
  • Gain an understanding of visual literacy and the evolving media landscape, and how you can leverage this in your own storytelling
  • Learn about the 4 primary markets for photography and their respective best practices
  • Work on a visual storytelling project that you design, from start to finish
  • Make meaningful connections with other photographers/artists

Note: This mentorship is not focused on technical camera operations/techniques. We may touch on technical items as needed, but the mentorship is focused on visual storytelling. Some experience with photographic storytelling is ideal, since this is not a beginner/technique focused class. DSLR (or similar analog) camera with interchangeable lenses is strongly recommended.

Payment options: ‍If you'd prefer to pay in installments, please email us at for options. ‍Limited scholarships are available for this mentorship. To apply, please fill out this brief form. Scholarship applications will be accepted through November 15, 2021.

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