Conservation Media Literacy: Navigating Public Environmental Science Information

David Shiffman
More people care about the planet and want to help than ever before, but it can be hard to find reliable information and easy to be tricked or confused. In this 2-part seminar, learn how to spot accurate information, and how to spot fakes, from an expert in environmental communications.
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David Shiffman

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Mar 29 & Apr 5
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The modern information ecosystem is confusing to navigate. We have access to more news and opinion than ever before, but it’s hard to tell what’s reliable and accurate, what’s misleading and biased, and what’s just straight-up lies. This is true for many issues, but environmental issues are some of the most-affected. How do you find accurate information about climate change, ocean plastic pollution, sustainable seafood, endangered species, and other hot-button issues when there is so much wrong information out there from people who want to help but don’t know what they’re talking about, as well as from people who are actively trying to mislead you? 


In this seminar, you’ll get an overview of what’s true and what’s not in some of the biggest environmental issues facing the world today. You’ll learn how to spot misleading and wrong information and untrustworthy sources of information, as well as how to find reliable news outlets. Throughout, you’ll hear troubling examples of wildly wrong information being shared by people who should know better, which makes it harder to really fix these important problems. 


This event is suitable for anyone interested in the environment, in media literacy, or in becoming a more engaged citizen. It may be a little technical for children. Come with questions! There will be an extensive Q&A interactive discussion. Follow Dr. Shiffman @WhySharksMatter on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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