Gain Clarity in Your Brand Goals with Strategy and Design in Mind

Cyn Lagos
In this intimate three-session workshop, we will explore the 3 main strategies that have proven successful in my journey of collaborations with brands like; Glossier, Google, Verizon, and many more using a powerful brand self-assessment and the value of Design thinking! As a bonus, we will engage in an insightful Q&A at the end of every session.
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Cyn Lagos

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Oh my, the oh so daunting "Brand Goals"... At the start, it can be a bit messy to truly hone in on a single trajectory, but it's all good because in this lesson we will explore strategies that will bring you clarity. 

Enter an interactive conversation with me to chat about:

A. Discovering Your Passion Pillars

B. Design in Mind 

C. Pitching Yourself for Client Leads

By the end of this class, you will have gained the resources to self-assess your brand goals and stay true to YOU throughout your business journey.  We will talk about the power of design as a tool that extends your brand's voice & values, and last but not least how to identify collaboration opportunities that are fitting for your brand's purpose!

Learn how to gain clarity in this wonderful journey, I am excited about your potential, Let's get started!

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