Got Hormones? The Do's and Don'ts of Stem/Leaf Propagation

Marlene Simon
Taking stem or leaf cuttings can be an easy and cheap way of obtaining more plants and we all want more plants. But knowing the basic science and why's behind this practice will help you become even more successful. This session will focus on the hormones, myths, tips and tricks that are key to propagating easy to those more-difficult-to-root plants.
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Marlene Simon

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Wed, Aug 4
Wed, Aug 4
5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
80 min


Suitable for any level of gardener/plant parent, this event covers all aspects of propagating plants by stem or leaf cuttings for both leafy and succulent plants. We will first start off learning about the two primary hormones responsible for root and stem formation. We will learn why these are important in everyday pruning and transplanting practices. We will then focus on how to find the best cutting material, how to care for your cuttings once off the plant and what media is best to place them in. 

All the in's and out's of stem/leaf propagation will be included from hormones, to planting media, moisture, preventing rot and how to transplant once successful. Fun myths and trips/tricks will be covered as well as a showcase of plant examples to help make you a more successful grower. 



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