Caring for Your Homeless Neighbors

Jenn Louis
This three-session seminar led by chef and human rights activist Jenn Louis will cover how Jenn approaches street relief, how to understand who your unhoused neighbors are, and how to serve homeless communities in the best way.
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Jenn Louis

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Many of us have never talked with someone who is homeless, let alone stepped foot into a tent camp. Our culture sees homeless people as “others,” and they rarely gain the same respect as housed people in mainstream culture. This three-session seminar led by chef and human rights activist Jenn Louis will discuss this underserved community and what we all can do to improve quality of life for everyone.


In the first session, Jenn will walk you through her experience of working with homeless people, how and why she started doing so, and the population and individuals she served. She will tell you stories she has heard and obstacles that outdoor living and lack of access have created for the homeless community. 


The second session will get into more of the details: who are these people; how have they become unhoused; do they want to live inside; what are those obstacles in their lives and with mainstream society. Then, to best understand how to get involved, Jenn will share their needs and set you up for her third seminar: A Practical Guide.


The third and final session is a practical guide to how you can make a difference in people’s lives: what do unhoused people need; how to talk with them; and how to build positive relationships. What boundaries are important to create, and how bendable you can be with boundaries?


When you are finished with this seminar, you will have the tools to make a difference to your homeless neighbors who need care.

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