How to Think Like a Philosopher (and When Not To)

Dr Julian Baggini
Philosophers are experts in critical thinking. In this talk, I'll share with you the essence of how they do it, along with some warnings about when philosophical tools and methods can lead you astray.
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Dr Julian Baggini

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Tue, Nov 16
Tue, Nov 16
12pm PT / 3pm ET
90 min


Get ready for an information-rich hour. Most introductions to philosophical reasoning take you through principles of logic, argument and common fallacies of reasoning. This one focuses on general procedures and attitudes rather than formal rules.

The four basic elements of good reasoning are captured in the mnemonic AC/DC: Attend, Clarify, Deconstruct, Connect. Everything we cover falls under one of these categories. You'll see how they work in practice through examples from the great philosophers of history and our age.

The talk will last an hour with an optional further 30 minutes for questions and discussion.

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