Food Photography: Leveling Up Your Projects & Production Methods

Andrew Scrivani
Are you a food photographer who is stuck tackling the same or similar projects over and over again, unable to break through to the next level of your career? Join New York Times Food Photographer, Andrew Scrivani, in this workshop designed to help you push your creative and professional edge and up-level the types of projects you’re able to land.
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Andrew Scrivani

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One of the most common and frustrating aspects of any artistic pursuit is when you end up stuck in a rut.  In this workshop, you’ll work closely with New York Times Food Photographer, Andrew Scrivani, and a small group of photographers at various stages in their careers to up-level the projects you are able to land and learn the production methods necessary to nail these larger, higher stakes projects. Andrew will help push you out of your comfort zone and find what works for you to take your work to a higher level. 


Andrew’s workshop will address common concerns that photographers of all professional levels face, including:


  • Feeling like your work has become one-dimensional
  • Wanting to expand your project scope or repertoire but not knowing how
  • Needing to scale your work and clients up and not feeling confident on how to do it


In session one, Andrew will assess your creative and professional wants and needs through structured, meaningful discussions about artistic intention and purpose. He’ll then craft an assignment as if he is your editor or creative director. Assignments will be chosen based on the challenges you want to tackle and your skill level. You’ll complete and submit the assignment before the next meeting. 


In session two, Andrew will share feedback for the group, based on themes that emerged during his review of the assignments. He’ll offer more guidance based on the strengths and weaknesses demonstrated in assignment one and then craft a second assignment (or deepening of assignment one) for each participant. 


In session three, Andrew will review the body of work each participant has generated over the course of the workshop–– then provide his assessment of your individual work through personalized feedback. This will allow you to gain valuable experience as you push your creativity and technical skills without the high stakes of professional performance on the line. 


Throughout the workshop, you will not only engage with a seasoned professional photographer and instructor; you also will learn from other attendees. There’s power in doing this work in a small group setting of just 15 photographers. Each person will benefit from hearing the challenges, assignments, and critiques personalized for the other participants and build a creative community that can help you shake the creative blues and reawaken your inner artist.

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