Organic Pest & Disease Control

Marlene Simon
Houseplants, veggies, and ornamentals.. This talk will cover the most problematic pests and diseases that attack our garden/plants and safe ways to control them.
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Marlene Simon

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Thu, Sep 30
Thu, Sep 30
6pm PT / 9pm ET
90 min


Pests are going to happen. They are needed to create a healthy ecosystem! But when numbers get too abundant in your veggie garden or your houseplants, it’s time to take action.

This talk covers the safest ways to combat pests and diseases such as mealybugs, aphids, fungal gnats, thrips, powdery mildew, rust, earwigs, and many more. You will learn all the stages of beneficial insects and signs of insect parasitism. Plus, we’ll cover what household products actually work for pest and disease control.

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