How To Produce and Self-Publish Your Photo Book

Olga Karlovac
Join internationally-acclaimed, black and white, street, and abstract photographer Olga Karlovac for an intimate workshop designed to guide you through the process of building, self-publishing, and marketing a photo book featuring your photography work. In this intimate workshop, Olga is excited to offer you her experience from the whole process of self-publishing her three photo books titled “The Disarray,” “Before Winter,” and Escape” and having her photography featured in many magazines and exhibitions around the world. This event is being offered at 9am Pacific Time / 6pm Central European Summer Time. The ticket price is listed in USD.
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Olga Karlovac

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You can publish your photography book, and internationally-acclaimed photographer Olga Karlovac will show you how! Gone are the days where every book had to go through a major publisher to make it to the public. Now, with some ingenuity and moxy, you can self-publish your work, have more control of the process, and make more money while you do it.


In this four-session workshop, Olga will take you through the entire self-publishing process, from initial idea to marketing after publication.


Session 1: Shaping Your Photo Book Project 

Olga will guide you through developing and refining a strong concept for your photography book, share some instruction on photography techniques and shooting for the project, and review how to select photos into a compelling curation for your book. At this end of this session, you’ll leave with a clear vision for what you want to achieve with the project and some key skills that will allow you to get started!


Session 2: Producing Your Photo Book

In this session, Olga will cover all aspects of producing a photo book including the team of people you might need, editing, refining the character of the book,  paper selections, print selections, and more. You’ll leave this session with a stronger understanding of the photo book production and publishing process.


Session 3: Marketing Your Photo Book 

This session is dedicated to marketing. Olga will share her expertise on marketing photo books and leave time for discussion with the group to review your specific marketing ideas and questions. 


Session 4: Group Review and Critique 

For the final session of this workshop, participants will be asked to bring samples of their self-publishing projects. Your project can be in any stage: ideation, production, or marketing. Olga will review the samples provided by participants in a group discussion and critique. While Olga will provide participants with personalized advice and feedback throughout the workshop, this final session is dedicated to ensuring all of your questions have been answered in the context of your specific project. 


Get your ticket today and learn how to bring your photography book to life!

Note on event timing: This event is being offered at 9am Pacific Time / 6pm Central European Summer Time. The ticket price is listed in USD. We encourage you to double check the timing of the event in your time zone using this time zone converter. Be sure to consider any upcoming time changes due to daylight savings.

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