Photographing Celestial Events

Gary Hershorn
Join photojournalist Gary Hershorn for an intimate workshop focused on taking the best photos of the sun and moon as they rise and fall in the sky over your city.
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Gary Hershorn

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Apr 22 & Apr 29
Apr 22 & Apr 29
5pm PT / 8pm ET
90 min


In this two-part seminar, learn how to take the best photos you can of sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, and moonsets. While we will talk about equipment and exposure needed to capture celestial events, this seminar is more about how to position yourself exactly where you need to be at the exact time to capture the sun and the moon in a place you want to photograph it. The photos Gary takes of the sun and moon are not random; they are all pre-planned using apps and technology to know where to be to make the best photos.

We will cover the use of alignment apps, weather apps, and Google Street View to ensure that you never miss what you are looking for. The second session of our seminar will be a review of your work after shooting a celestial event near you. All are welcome to this workshop, whether beginners or pros.

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