Photographing Dance: Capturing Dancers at Their Best

Erin Baiano
Up your dance photography game! In this course you will learn to refine your eye, improve your camera technique and direct dancers clearly and efficiently. Students will receive feedback on current and prior work and view a live studio shoot with a ballet dancer.
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Erin Baiano

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Dance is having a major moment. From TikTok to TV commercials to music videos, dance is everywhere. But how do you capture this graceful art form on film? It’s harder than you think.

Focusing specifically on ballet photography, this three session workshop will take your pictures from mediocre to magnificent. You’ll learn how to take images with bold, strong movements that will delight the viewer as well as the subject. No fancy cameras needed. You can improve your photo technique using whatever digital camera you have available.

This workshop will guide you from idea to post production. You will:

  • Learn how to capture movement while staying true to the clean lines of solid ballet technique
  • Develop skills to communicate and direct dancers in their language
  • Work with available and artificial light for best effect
  • Learn to troubleshoot on set

The last session will include a live demonstration with a professional ballet dancer.

What to expect