Crafting a Picture Book Submission Package

James McGowan
In this one-session, 90-minute seminar and Q&A, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding an agent for your picture books, whether you’re an author, illustrator, or author-illustrator. From selecting which manuscript to query with, crafting a query letter that grabs attention, choosing your additional manuscripts in the submission package, and keeping track of your queries sent -- you’ll come away from this session ready to dive into the query trenches confidently.
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James McGowan

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Wed, Jul 14
Wed, Jul 14
4pm PT / 7pm ET
90 min


Traditionally, the first step to getting your book published is to find a literary agent. This is done through a process called “querying,” in which you send a cover letter to solicit an agent’s interest. However, most of the advice for querying is geared towards those writing novels. In this one-part seminar and Q&A, attendees will learn the difference between querying a novel and querying picture books. 


In this event, literary Agent James McGowan will offer his best tips for crafting a picture book query letter that grabs an agent’s attention. Beyond that, attendees will learn about components which should completed prior to querying a picture book, including:


  • How to select their best work to be included in their submission package
  • How to research and find literary agents that may be a match for them
  • How to get started in a process that can be overwhelming to even the most confident writers 


Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in Q&A with James. They will also receive a checklist for getting started querying picture books. This seminar is designed for those beginning their writing career and seeking an agent. 

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