Turning Your Nonfiction Book Idea into a Powerful Proposal

Jessica Faust
This two-part workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of the nonfiction book proposal—an essential component to getting any book deal. You will learn how to examine your nonfiction book idea, what elements are needed to craft a strong nonfiction proposal, how to determine which information to highlight, and the steps to creating a powerful book proposal that will take you from agent to publisher.
This is a single-session event.
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Jessica Faust

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For any author writing prescriptive nonfiction (such as how-to guides), the book proposal is crucial to getting both an agent and a publisher. In this two-part workshop, you will learn which components are expected in every book proposal—from the outline, to marketing information, to platform—and what it means to have a platform versus credentials, as well as how to write a proposal that grabs the attention of agents and editors. 


In Session 1, you’ll be asked to share your nonfiction book idea and to think critically about that idea as Jessica breaks down the crucial elements of a nonfiction book proposal. You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of the strengths and potential weaknesses of your idea, along with a homework assignment to develop your idea into a pitch.  


In Session 2, Jessica will guide an interactive pitch workshop session. You’ll work with Jessica to analyze your pitch and determine if you’re ready for the proposal development stage. Additionally, you will work with Jessica to bring out the very best in your platform, marketing, and idea to create that powerful proposal.


You’ll end the workshop with a pressure-tested nonfiction book idea, pitch, and a detailed understanding of how to craft that pitch into the most powerful proposal possible. This event is intended for adults who are preparing to write a prescriptive nonfiction book and query agents. 

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