Street Photography: Learning to Recognize the World and Narratives Around You

Juan Cristóbal Cobo
Juan Cristóbal Cobo has always thought that street photography is one of the most difficult disciplines in photography, but he also believes that once you master it, you will gain the confidence to tackle all other forms of image making. In this intimate workshop, photographer Juan Cristóbal Cobo will teach you to become a more confident and skilled street photographer.
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Juan Cristóbal Cobo

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Join photographer Juan Cristóbal Cobo for an intimate workshop designed to help you become a more confident and skilled street photographer. Driven from his own experience as a street photographer, Juan will teach you how to make the best of resources you have easily accessible to you: your neighborhood, your city, and your world.

Street photography is an attitude that you can bring to any environment, whether nearby or far away. You will learn how to recognize and anticipate situations and how to notice the light, shapes, and movements that can make a great photograph. Juan will also teach you how to make your work very personal by getting in touch with your own emotions and photographing things as they feel to you uniquely.


This is a practice based workshop, where you will be asked to work on small assignments during the week that will then be reviewed and discussed during workshop sessions. You will be amazed by about how much knowledge you gain from seeing and discussing the work of your fellow classmates. Juan will be using references not only from his own practice but also from the world's most inspirational street photographers past and present.

There’s a world out there, let’s go and photograph it!

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