Street Photography: Stepping Up

Hugh Rawson
In this workshop, we will examine the techniques and skills involved in successful Street Photography. By considering approaches & techniques and sharing each other’s work, you will come away from the workshop with greater confidence to shoot and attain the images you want from the street.
This is a single-session event.
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Hugh Rawson

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May 20 & May 27
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May 20 & May 27
2:30pm ET / 7:30pm London
90 min
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May 20
May 27
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Now that almost everyone has a camera in their phone, Street Photography has never been more popular. But even the greatest photographers continue to develop their craft, and this workshop will help you develop yours!

In this two-session workshop, attendees will learn how to shoot the images they want. We will learn:

  • What gear and techniques will work best – they say the best camera is the one you have with you. From phones to high-end cameras with detachable lenses, street photography is accessible to everyone. We will discuss how to make your camera work for you and what settings to use in a variety of situations. We will also consider other gear – even if it’s just a strong pair of shoes.
  • The laws and ethics of street photography – we will consider what street photography is (and isn’t!) and what you are allowed to do, through sharing each other’s experiences. This will include a discussion about ethics of shooting candid images on the street.
  • How to be successful – it can take courage to take images of people in public. We will look at a range of tips and techniques which will help you to discreetly make the pictures you want to make.
  • Observation skills – learning to see is an essential skill for any photographer. We will learn skills to develop your eye through considering each other’s work and the work of established street photographers.
  • About the use of post-production in street photography – finally, we will consider the use of post-production in street images, discussing what is appropriate along with some basic principles. 

In both sessions, you will have the opportunity to share and critique each other’s images. At the end of the event, you will have a better understanding of what Street Photography means to you and how to succeed on the street. This workshop is best suited for people starting out or developing their practice in Street Photography.

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