Story 1: Fall Screenwriting Kickoff!

Julio Vincent Gambuto
Got a great movie idea? A TV show you’ve been wanting to write? Kick off your fall writing with this four-part intensive workshop designed to teach you the fundamentals of screenwriting and to give you an easy, useful process for getting your project out of your brain and onto the page. You’ll come out of the four sessions with a strong first “treatment” for your movie (or TV show) and a clear roadmap for your writing. Get confident. Get empowered. Get writing.
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Julio Vincent Gambuto

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Oct 26 - Nov 16
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Oct 26 - Nov 16
4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET
120 min
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Oct 26
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Nov 9
Nov 16
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You have a great idea, but you’re not entirely sure where to start or how best to take it from a napkin and notes to full-fledged screenplay. The process can be opaque and daunting without a structure in place to guide the way. Start your screenwriting journey with writer/director Julio Vincent Gambuto. Julio has created content for Nickelodeon, Kerner Entertainment, PBS, E! Entertainment, and Rabbit Bandini. His latest project, "Team Marco," a new family film, was recently released by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

In this four-part workshop, you’ll get your brain workin’, your muscles movin’, and your keyboard clickin', as you kick off your screenwriting project. You’ll learn how to choose your best material or idea, and how and where to begin writing stories for film and television, including the fundamentals of the screenwriting craft, important elements of story structure and story design, and a smart step-by-step process to keep your writing exciting and productive.

Julio will guide this intimate group of 10-20 through four highly interactive learning modules:

Session 1: Kickoff! and Writer's Purpose. Understand how the first steps are the most important steps, as Julio's walk through key screenwriting and storytelling concepts and teaches how to design your stories from "the inside-out."

Session 2: Story Fundamentals. Learn the 10 screenwriting fundamentals that are essential to give your story the strong foundation it needs to engage an audience.

Session 3: Story Structure. Design a strong three-act structure for your screenplay. Explore the power of different layout and structuring techniques, act by act, so that your story flows, progresses, and “pops."

Session 4: Seed-to-Script Process. Avoid writing in circles for months and years on end. Apply Julio’s clear and concrete Seed-to-Script process. You’ll learn how to set up your workflow so that your project grows and evolves instead of just starts and stops. ‍

Following each session, you’ll be given a short assignment to guide you through applying each module to your screenwriting concept. Throughout the course, Julio will guide you through developing your idea into a killer first “treatment” and will lay out his process for you so that you can stay on-track to complete your screenplay by the end of the year.

This workshop is best for those who are beginners or relatively new to screenwriting, but all are welcome. Maybe you’re a new writer or a writer who has always wanted to write for TV or film. Or you’re a writer looking for more clarity about the craft, story structure, or the writing process. Or even a director who wants to see the process through the eyes of a writer. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, join this workshop to set yourself up for an incredible fall. And head into the new year with a complete screenplay!

Past participants said:

  • "Julio is an excellent instructor. His presentations are easy to follow and well designed. He can workshop anyone’s ideas on the fly. He is generous with his time."
  • "Julio broke down a previously overwhelming process into a blueprint I believe I can follow."
  • "It was a wonderful first class and I think Julio is AMAZING!!!! Looking forward to the next one."

Julio is offering another workshop -- Story 2: Writing Deeper and Better Stories, Movies, and TV. If you sign up for Story 1 and Story 2 simultaneously, you'll automatically receive a discount of $275 at checkout.

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