Story 2: Writing Deeper and Better Movies, TV, and Stories

Julio Vincent Gambuto
Are you an intermediate or advanced writer or screenwriter looking for an intensive workshop to help take your writing to the next level? This five-night workshop class is designed to help writers tell deeper and better stories. Whether you're writing a film, TV show, novel, or the like, Story 2 is meant for those currently working on a writing project or who are about to be. You'll come out with tools to help you revise, re-work, re-imagine, and re-design your story so that it captures attention and moves its readers — and/or ultimately its viewers — to laughter or tears, or both. Go there. Julio can help.
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Julio Vincent Gambuto

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Jul 27 - Aug 24
Jul 27 - Aug 24
4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET
120 min


It's time to take your writing to the next level, to go deeper, to get better, to push yourself to write not just "great stories" but "incredible stories." Continue your storytelling and screenwriting journey with Writer/Director Julio Vincent Gambuto. Julio has created content for Nickelodeon, Kerner Entertainment, PBS, E! Entertainment, and Rabbit Bandini. His latest project, "Team Marco," a new family film, was recently released by Samuel Goldwyn Films. It goes international in 2022.

In this five-part workshop, you’ll get useful, effective, and practical tools for sharpening your storytelling. You'll do a deep-dive on act structures, sequences, and scenes; you'll understand how to work with progressions, stakes, climaxes; you'll learn how to design your world, your characters, your scenes and sequences, and how to ultimately make sure your readers and audience members walk away with a clean, clear, powerful message. 

JVG will guide this intimate group of 10-20 through five highly interactive learning modules:

Session 1: Deep dive into act structures. Review the act structures presented in Story 1, or — if you didn't take Story 1 — review them so the whole class is speaking the same language. Learn nuances of designing your acts and how to work in more acts than three.

Session 2: Architecting Sequences. Understand how to design sequences so they drive story effectively.

Session 3: Crafting Scenes: Learn how to build a scene so that it packs the most punch.

Session 4: Next-level techniques. Learn character decisions, progressions, stakes, climaxes, and "the five faces." Also, we'll cover world and character design. Fully flesh out your world, the rules, your characters and their unique voice. 

Session 5: Core messaging. The art and science of "baking" your core message in — so that it's fully integrated for all production departments who will ultimately bring your story to life on screen.

Important Notes:

  • This workshop is best for those who have either taken JVG's Story 1 class or who are intermediate writers of any kind, meaning you have written before and are familiar with building a story. 
  • The class also includes weekly "office hours" with Julio, every Friday at 4pm ET. You'll get a link to join. This extra hour is optional and and is included in your class fee.
  • It also includes a weekly Class Materials Pack, including that week's presentation, notes, and assignments.
  • This is the second class in JVG's story series. It is preceded by Story 1. If you sign up for Story 1 and Story 2 simultaneously, you'll automatically receive a discount of $275 at checkout.

What writers are saying (who have taken JVG's classes):

  • "Julio broke down a previously overwhelming process into a blueprint I believe I can follow."
  • "It was a wonderful first class and I think Julio is AMAZING!!!! Looking forward to the next one."
  • "Julio is an excellent instructor. His presentations are easy to follow and well designed."
  • "He can workshop anyone’s ideas on the fly. He is generous with his time."
  • "I was really unsure I was ready to do this, but with Julio at my side I wrote my first screenplay. And finished it!"
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