Taking the Leap: Crafting the Career You Want

Krystal Franklin
In this 90-minute seminar, we’ll examine the three areas of our lives that tend to stand in the way of our professional success. By candidly addressing fear/doubt, imposter syndrome and jealousy, we’ll explore how to first identify these emotions, navigate through rooms that may not always wish us well and take up space in both our personal and professional lives that will yield generational success.
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Krystal Franklin

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Ready to say goodbye to fear and really begin living for a living? You can only find professional success when you get out of your own way and show up fully once you've finally arrived in the spaces you've always dreamt about.  Crafting the career you want is equal parts being the best version of yourself and infiltrating a space to make it work for you professionally.  

This seminar is divided into three sessions:

Session One: Hello, Fear 

Most professional unhappiness is rooted in fear. “I’m scared to take the leap,” “what if I don’t know anyone?,” “what if I don’t/can’t adjust?” or the big one, “what if I fail?” But before we can get past an emotion we have to peel back the layers and first identify it as a thing. In order to fully understand your relationship with fear, you have to address it - head on. 

Session Two: Moving Past Imposter Syndrome

Feelings aren’t always facts. And while they are very valid, they can be crippling to your success, especially when trying to excel in any field. We examine the steps it takes to remedy Imposter Syndrome, speak candidly on the root of the feeling, and then do the work to move past it by developing a healthy relationship with failure and visualizing success.

Session Three: Taking Up Space

You’ve arrived at your idea of success -- so what now? Take. Up. Space. -- fully. You’ve addressed whatever fear and doubt that was standing in your way and you’re getting comfortable with the idea of navigating spaces that you now understand you belong in. So there’s no need to shrink when you’ve gotten to the room.  Doing so for fear of respectability politics or judgement only limits the reach of your work and cripples your development.

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