How to Think Brilliantly and Creatively in Mathematics - A Few Modest Thoughts

James Tanton
Let’s have some bold and brash math fun! Five basic principles for mathematical thinking and practice can transform one’s approach to the entire subject. They can unravel deep joy, deep understanding, deep personal confidence, and intellectual glee. (Who doesn’t want to experience glee in mathematics?)
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James Tanton

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Thu, Apr 22
Thu, Apr 22
5pm PT / 8pm ET
60 min


This seminar offers a guide for thinking brilliantly and creatively in classroom mathematics. It is designed for K-12 educators and all those who seek joyful mathematics-doing. 


Our complex society demands of its next generation not only mastery of quantitative skills but also the confidence to ask new questions, explore, wonder, flail, persevere, innovate, and succeed. Let’s not only send humans to Mars. Let’s teach our next generation to solve problems and get those humans back if something goes wrong! 


James will explore five natural principles of mathematical thinking. We will have fun seeing how school mathematical content is the vehicle for teaching ingenuity and math joy. 


All are so welcome to attend!

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