How to Use Twitter for Public Science Engagement

David Shiffman
In this 2-session workshop, participants will learn the basics of how to share their expertise with the interested public using modern communications tools. It will include guided interactive activities as well as advanced tips and tricks, taught by one of the most-followed scientists in the world.
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David Shiffman

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Mar 15 & Mar 22
Mar 15 & Mar 22
5pm PT / 8pm ET
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Modern online communications tools have revolutionized how people talk to each other and how information spreads. Increasingly, scientists and other experts are using social media and blogs to communicate and share their expertise with the interested public, either as “broader impacts” for a grant or just through a desire to break out of the ivory tower and communicate with our communities. However, while these tools can be powerful, they can have a steep learning curve.

In this 2-session workshop, award-winning public science educator Dr. David Shiffman will introduce you to the world of online public science engagement, using Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to share your expertise (which need not be just in science) with the interested public. We’ll discuss background theories and research and advanced tips and tricks, and there will be guided interactive activities throughout. 


Dr. Shiffman has trained hundreds of scientists and environmental professionals on five continents how to use these tools. While his examples will mostly focus on the world of marine biology and conservation science, the principles are broadly applicable to any technical field. Follow Dr. Shiffman @WhySharksMatter on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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What to expect

This workshop is designed for technical subject area experts, including graduate students and early career professionals, in any field.  Participants need not have any experience sharing their expertise with the interested public, as this workshop is suitable for true beginners to the world of outreach or those looking to level up their skills.