Weird Seance: How to Summon Your Strangest, Most Creative Self at Work (and Play)

Amy Kean
The corporate world is plagued with boringness and normality, but wouldn't we all be happier if we allowed ourselves to be weirder? Amy Kean - a social scientist - will explore how some of the history's most eccentric individuals have been a success in the world of work, and how you harness the strange inside of you to do the same. Participants will also take part in a live (ethical!) social experiment.
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Amy  Kean

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Tue, Sep 28
Tue, Sep 28
10am PT / 1pm ET
120 min


This event is a 2-hour session designed to reintroduce you to your weirder self, and explain why its so important to keep them close at hand! Amy Kean has always been called weird, strange, peculiar and odd, and in an act of bizarre rebellion, decided to see if she could use it to her advantage. A former global head of innovation for some of the world's biggest ad agencies, she felt the problems of stale company cultures firsthand, and knows the tools required to get people thinking differently and becoming more comfortable with their random self. Fact is, we're all just pretending to be normal... but some of us are better at it than others. 

Weird Seance is a light mix of enlightening presentation and workshop interaction, based on the hypothesis that we’d all be a little happier (and more creative) if we allowed ourselves to be weirder. This session is the product of a lifetime’s worth of research into history’s most strange and eccentric individuals who have lived happy and successful lives. We'll cover the problem with conforming and cultural conditioning, the science behind why weird people are more creative, the psychological power of doodles and daydreams and how this all applies to modern business.

Attendees will be asked to complete a very short creative task prior to the session so that Amy can get to know you, and the most exciting part is that Amy will be conducting a live social experiment during the event, too. 





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