What Happened in the Big Bang?

Geraint Lewis
A lot happened in the first few moments of the universe - more particularly events that shaped the cosmos around us today. Here we will explore the scientific understanding of this Big Bang and early life of the universe, from a time of initial mystery, through the forging of matter as we know it, to the birth of the first stars and galaxies. This event will be held at 6:30pm AEDT (Sydney, Australia time).
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Geraint Lewis

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Wed, Oct 6
Wed, Oct 6
6:30pm AEDT / 12:30am PT / 3:30am ET
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One of the greatest discoveries of the last century is that our universe is evolving and expanding, born almost 14 billion years ago in a fiery event we call the Big Bang. But just what happened in the early life of the cosmos? Here we will step through the major events, from a time where science currently struggles for answers, through the formation of matter and atoms, and into the dark ages, from where the first stars and galaxies emerged. We'll highlight the scientific understanding of what we know, and ponder what we don't, exploring what might be next for our understanding of the universe. 

Whilst discussing the physics of the early universe, this event will be maths-free, with the goal of demonstrating what science knows, and what it doesn't know, about the Big Bang. The event is suited for those that have wondered about where our present universe came from, and the question of just how we know. The event will consist of a presentation followed by questions and answers, and all participants are encouraged to bring their questions about the universe.

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