What's Next in the Job Market: Finding Empowerment in a Shifting Employment Landscape

Kerry Hannon
What will the world of work look like post-COVID, and what can you do to prepare yourself to succeed, particularly if you’re interested in making a career transition? Join Kerry Hannon, a leading authority and strategist, for an engaging webinar that will empower you to take control of your professional and economic future with hope, confidence, and optimism.
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Kerry Hannon

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Making a career transition can be intimidating at any point, but it’s doubly overwhelming when you’re later in your career and living through a pandemic. During this seminar, career expert Kerry Hannon will share her top tips for navigating a career transition successfully. With a particular focus on mid-career and later-in-life job seekers, Kerry will walk you through thoughtful exercises designed to help you figure out what you’d like to do next and share her tips for a successful career transition, including how to learn about new careers before committing, how to secure a mentor, and how to start a business at midlife. She’ll also include plenty of time for Q&A to help ensure this talk is tailored to the specific needs of those who attend. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to invest in yourself and your career with the guidance of someone who’s spent her career honing expertise on these relevant topics. 

What to expect

This seminar will include 30 minutes of lecture from Kerry, followed by a robust discussion and plenty of Q&A opportunities. Participants aged 40-60 years old may find this event most helpful, but participants of any age are welcome!