You Are Enough - Developing Your Personal Brand

Gwenna Laithland
You have unique talent, skills, characters, or personality and that can be developed into a marketable brand. This course will walk you through my process to developing a following of over 1 million.
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Gwenna Laithland

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There are a million and one courses, resources, and experts who can take a product from idea to market. But what happens when you are the product? Your face, your ideas, your characters, your content, and your personality can't be shipped in on-brand boxes to your audience. So how do you develop a personal brand? What even is a personal brand? It goes a little deeper than signing up for social media, getting a good headshot, and going at it. 

This course is designed to walk you through my own process of establishing a personal brand; what worked for me and the lessons I learned. What do you want to say with your brand? How do you decide on and find your target audience? How do you choose which platform works best? Do you even need a logo? 


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