How to Get Your Academic Book Published


Ilya Somin

Thursdays, Feb 11 & Feb 18, 5pm-6pm PT / 8pm-9pm ET
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How to Get Your Academic Book Published
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In this workshop, Ilya will share his insight into the academic book publishing process. Each session of the workshop will focus on a critical part of the process including: 

  • The all-important question of how you should decide whether to try writing a book in the first place, and choosing a publisher
  • How to draft a successful book proposal, and an overview of the publication process..

In each session, Ilya will spend a portion of the time teaching followed by group discussion and opportunities for you to ask specific questions that pertain to your book publishing project. At the conclusion of the workshop, Ilya will review and provide one page of written feedback on a draft of your book proposal or writing sample, whichever best aligns with where you are in your academic book publishing process. 

Ilya Somin has extensive experience getting academic book proposals accepted and published. At the same time, he has made plenty of mistakes in the process of working on these projects. Ilya is eager to share all of that experience—both positive and negative—and provide insight that others might be able to use through this workshop.

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