Analyze Your 23andMe and Ancestry Data


Razib Khan

Wednesday, January 27th, 5pm-6pm PT / 8pm-9pm ET
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Analyze Your 23andMe and Ancestry Data
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Have you purchased your genetic data from popular companies (or maybe you recently received this as a gift over the holidays!)? These companies offer standard insights summaries to customers, but what you may not know is that, with the proper training and tools, you can download and investigate your raw genetic data and learn so much more. “How?,” you ask?

Join geneticist and personal genomics expert Razib Khan for a small, interactive workshop to learn the methods and tools available for analyzing your own genetic data. Razib will guide you through downloading your raw 23andMe or data and converting it into formats you can manipulate and analyze. He’ll teach a handful of skills for analyzing the data, including merging it with general population data sets for richer insights. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand where to start, have developed some key skills for navigating your raw data using specific tools, and gain access to data scripts and programs developed by Razib himself to then dive deeper into the world of personal genomics.

Note: Razib will review techniques and tools that can be used primarily on Mac and Linux platforms (these may also work for Windows users, but that’s not guaranteed). If you are familiar with using PLINK software or Admixture, you may get even more out of this workshop as Razib will provide access to scripts and programs designed specifically for ancestry research using those tools.

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