Fake It ‘Till You Make It: How to Start Your Art Career with Limited Resources (en Français)


Olivier Corneau

Wednesday, December 9th, 4-5pm PT / 7-8pm ET
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Fake It ‘Till You Make It: How to Start Your Art Career with Limited Resources (en Français)
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The “starving artist” trope doesn’t have to be you. There are actionable steps artists can take to create a life for themselves where they make a living from their work. Olivier (or Olicorno) is one such artist. This event will be in French. An English version of the event is being offered on Monday, December 7th. View the English event here.

In this intimate, interactive talk tailor-made for creative people, Olicorno will share his journey from aspiring artist to successful artist with exhibitions in Montreal, Paris, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, the United States, and more. Throughout the talk, he'll share the challenges he faced and explain what it takes to become an established contemporary artist. This is a unique opportunity to have an artist-to-artist direct interaction with Olicorno and learn more about his story, inspirations, and craft. 


This event is designed specifically for aspiring artists. Ahead of the event, all participants will be asked to submit their portfolio (or a portion of it). Olicorno will accept a link to a social media account where participants regularly share current works or a link to a website or digital portfolio. The talk will be tailored according to the portfolios submitted and each participant will receive comments and feedback directly from Olicorno. Due to the level of interaction with the speaker, this event is limited to 15 people. 


Get your ticket today, and learn about the life of a professional artist firsthand and get tangible feedback on taking your work to the next level.

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