Coping with Climate Change & Trying to Stop It


Lauren Oakes

Thursday, May 7th, 6-7pm PT / 9-10pm ET
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Coping with Climate Change & Trying to Stop It
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Conservation scientist Lauren Oakes will discuss two responses to climate change  —adaptation vs. mitigation — and what we can do to help.
The solution space for climate change isn’t only about stopping emissions. It’s also about coping with the consequences in our local communities. Even if all emissions were to stop today, warming (and its impacts) would continue in the decades ahead.
Conservation scientist Lauren Oakes will break down the significance of this lag-time between cause and effect in terms of the urgent action needed across the globe. Mitigation is what provides benefits for the global climate in the long-term, by reducing emissions or enhancing carbon sinks. Adaptation, in contrast, addresses the effects of climate change on people and ecosystems.
While stopping the massive problem of climate change will require top-down regulation, efforts to adapt to the warming world can also come from the grassroots, through individual action and local leadership in our hometowns.
In addition to speaking about these topics, Lauren will create the space for an engaging discussion on climate action, and we look forward to hearing your ideas and experiences as well.

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