Copyright & Fair Use for Artists & Filmmakers


Brian Frye

Thursday, December 3rd, 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET
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Copyright & Fair Use for Artists & Filmmakers
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This seminar will provide a practical introduction to concepts in copyright law, tailored to artists and filmmakers. We will discuss what copyright can and can’t protect, who owns the copyright in a work of authorship, how long copyright lasts, how and why to register a work with the Copyright Office, and how to evaluate whether a work infringes the copyright in a previously existing work. We will also discuss the fair use doctrine, how it protects certain unlicensed uses of work of authorship, and how to effectively assert a fair use defense.


Participants will be asked to review a video and accompanying text document ahead of the seminar, where Brian explains the core concepts of copyright law. The seminar will focus on a discussion of the concepts explained in the video and their application to particular problems. Participants are encouraged to pose specific questions about copyright, fair use, and related issues during the seminar.

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