Cuisine à la Quarantine


David Rheinstrom

Saturday, September 12th, 6-7pm PT / 9-10pm ET
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Cuisine à la Quarantine


These days, many of us are cooking at home far more frequently than we typically do. We don't know about you, but we feel like our culinary creativity has been fully tapped out. Enter: Cuisine à la Quarantine.

Our host David Rheinstrom knows more about food (and about a million other topics) than any amateur can reasonably be expected to know. His obsession is your gain.

At this event, 10 lucky people will outsource their meal planning to David. After you buy a ticket, we'll ask you to send us photos of five ingredients you have in your kitchen. We'll keep the ingredients secret from David until the event starts.

We'll run the event game show-style. David will have five minutes per participant to come up with a delicious dish that incorporates the ingredients they submitted, meets their dietary preferences, and that they'd be happy to cook and eat. 

Can he rise to the challenge? Sign up today and find out for yourself!

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