How to Draw a Cartoon Like The New Yorker


Jake Goldwasser

Monday, November 16th, 5-6:30pm PT / 8-9:30pm ET
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How to Draw a Cartoon Like The New Yorker
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There’s a lot more that goes into cartoons than meets the eye. Great cartoons produce a flash of comedy — they invite viewers into the absurd for only an instant. Achieving this effect requires careful artistry and comedic timing.

In this session, we’ll discuss the history, conventions, and format of the single-panel cartoon. After that, we’ll develop our own mini theory of what we all find hilarious, delightful, tragic, and absurd. When we have a foundation, we’ll brainstorm cartoon ideas and take time to sketch them out individually. Then we’ll share our creations and see what works! No experience necessary. If you can draw a stick figure, you can draw a cartoon!

Note: This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with The New Yorker magazine. The ideas expressed and content shared in this workshop are solely the host's or otherwise properly credited.

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