Evolutionary Psychology: Foundations, Questions, and Controversies


Diana Fleischman

Mondays & Thursdays, December 7th, 10th, 14th, & 17th, 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET
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Evolutionary Psychology: Foundations, Questions, and Controversies
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Evolutionary psychology is a perspective on how to examine the human mind through the lens of evolution.  According to evolutionary psychology, human minds are a complex conglomerate of adaptations that evolved to solve certain recurrent problems during our evolutionary history. Evolutionary psychology is multidisciplinary, using fields like animal behavior, anthropology, biology and genetics to examine the kinds of problems the human mind evolved to solve, and the kinds of solutions it might be using to solve those problems. 


In this four-session seminar, evolutionary psychologist Diana Fleischman will take you through the basics of evolutionary psychology. After presenting for 20-30 minutes, she will open up the discussion for participants to interact with herself and the group. Her four sessions will cover:


  • How do we do evolutionary psychology? What is natural and sexual selection?

Sex and Sex Differences

  • How similar are the genders, and how do we tell them apart?

Emotions and Emotional Regulation

  • How do our feelings affect ourselves and those we interact with?


  • How do humans make moral choices and is there an "evolved" morality?

Notes on participation: Participants should be over 18 and have a basic understanding of biology to get the most out of this seminar. Individuals who are strongly opposed to evolution or applying an evolutionary understanding to humans will probably not enjoy this event.

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