Fake News & Free Speech


Étienne Brown

Tuesday, March 24th, 8-9pm PT / 11pm-12am ET
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Fake News & Free Speech
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Event Description: Western European liberal democracies have recently enacted laws that prohibit the diffusion of fake news on social media. Such measures remain highly controversial, and many believe they are incompatible with our individual right to free speech.

Join Professor Étienne Brown for an engaging talk on the main arguments for and against the legal prohibition of fake news and a lively discussion about the role of governments and tech companies in combatting fake news and other misinformation online.

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Étienne's Bio: Dr. Étienne Brown is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at San Jose State University. Previously, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford and the Université de Montréal. He has also taught philosophy at the Sorbonne, where he completed his PhD in 2016.

Étienne's research focuses on the ethics of communication technologies and looks at how social media and the internet are currently transforming the moral and political lives of citizens within contemporary democracies. Recently, he has published and given talks on topics such as fake news, echo chambers, freedom of expression on the internet, and "trolling." He also regularly teaches on Artificial Intelligence, privacy and surveillance, genetic enhancement, self-driving cars, and the use of robots in warfare and the sex industry.

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What to expect at this event

Join philosopher Étienne Brown for a lively discussion about the tensions between free speech and fake news.