Nuanced Answers to Elementary Math Questions


James Tanton

Wednesday, February 24th, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET
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Nuanced Answers to Elementary Math Questions
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Every student asks "Why is negative times negative positive?" Have you a beautiful and mathematical solid answer to this question that adequately answers your students' concern? 

How about explaining why we can't divide by zero or why raising a quantity to the zeroth power should be 1? Why do we "flip and multiply" when dividing fractions?

Who chose the number 360 for the count of degrees in a circle? Should we work with pi or tau? 


There are so many questions! 


In this 90-minute session James will go through all the tough questions students naturally--and rightly--ask that are surprisingly thorny and deep and offer his mathematical advice on how to address them. He'll address any questions you choose to bring that have put you in a mathematical pickle in front of your students!

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