Crafting Your Nonfiction Book: Nail Your Angle, Voice, and First Chapter


Amanda Montell

Wednesdays, Feb 3 - Feb 17, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET
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Crafting Your Nonfiction Book: Nail Your Angle, Voice, and First Chapter
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“What is your book about?” It’s a simple but frustratingly challenging question to answer. Yet, for creative nonfiction writers, your book’s fundamental thesis is the most important part, and by the end of the first chapter, readers should be hooked by it. Writers currently working on a book-length work of creative nonfiction (whether it’s a pop science book, cultural critique, journalistic project, or memoire-style piece) will fit right into this weekly workshop of three 90-minute sessions, designed to help you nail the angle, voice, and opening chapter of your manuscript. 


The first half of each intimate, collaborative session will consist of craft exercises and tips; the second half will be dedicated to discussion and feedback on your work. Then, at the end of three weeks, you’ll be invited to submit a 10-page writing sample for review by Amanda Montell. You’ll receive a detailed markup and brief feedback letter. Throughout these weeks, you’ll also receive a slew of helpful readings and resources, plus a free PDF copy of Amanda’s first book," Wordslut," as well as sneak peeks at her second book, "Cultish," before it's published in June.

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