Pandemic Dreams: An Exploration and Dream Incubation


Deirdre Barrett

Tuesday, Dec. 8th and Thursday, Dec. 10th, 4-5:30pm PT / 7-8:30pm ET
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Pandemic Dreams: An Exploration and Dream Incubation
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Join Dr. Deirdre Barrett, author and dream researcher at Harvard, in an interactive seminar that takes participants deep into the research and riveting dream accounts gathered by Dr. Barrett in the development of her most recent book, "Pandemic Dreams." As part of this engaging two session event, participants will also experience a dream incubation exercise first-hand and have the opportunity to discuss the outcomes directly with Dr. Barrett.

  • Session 1: Dr. Barrett will lecture and engage the group in dialogue on the latest pandemic dream research and new survey data that has come in since the Pandemic Dreams book release. She will then present a dream incubation assignment that participants will complete before the next session.
  • Session 2: Participants will share dreams from their dream incubation assignment and learn and practice dyadic interpretation on those and other dreams.

This event provides participants with the opportunity to interact with Dr. Barrett in a small group setting. The event is limited to 20 participants.

Please note: Participants are required to read Dr. Barrett's short book, Pandemic Dreams, before the first session.

Pandemic Dreams is available here:

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