Your Food Photography Tune-Up


Andrew Scrivani

Tuesdays, Feb 2 - Feb 16, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET
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Your Food Photography Tune-Up
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One of the hardest things to do in photography is to be objective about our own work. Getting feedback from people who have been there, that you trust or admire, or whose path you want to walk is often elusive. If you are trying to find your style, to identify what you do best, or to find an expert eye to offer feedback on your progress, then Andrew is here to help. 


In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with Andrew Scrivani, New York Times Food Photographer, in a small group setting to craft your public-facing work in a way that will help you take your photography hobby, career, or social media offerings to the next level. During the first two sessions of the workshop, Andrew will offer concrete best practices and advice on editing your work, crafting a portfolio, and approaching potential clients with your work. He will also cover preparing pitch decks and treatments. Throughout the workshop, you will have ample opportunities to raise your own specific questions and to get input from Andrew. 


At our third and final session, you will present a selection of work that reflects your efforts to apply what you have learned in prior workshop sessions. Your presentation can feature work via a website, a social media feed, or a pitch deck for a client. During this session, Andrew will provide live feedback and encourage group discussion and critique. In addition, after the workshop has concluded, Andrew will provide you with individualized written feedback on your final selection of work and presentation. He will also provide follow-up opportunities to check-in on your progress. 


The photography community has always strived to be inclusive, supportive, and constructive. This workshop will be an extension of those ideals and all that Andrew has promoted in his two decades as a teacher, coach, and instructor. He will deliver his comments to students with respect and expects that everyone involved follows his lead. While this workshop is best suited for those interested in food photography, photographers of all types and all experience levels are welcome.

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