SEO For Bloggers: The No-BS Beginner’s Guide


Austen Tosone

Thursday, February 25th, 5pm-6pm PT / 8pm-9pm ET
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SEO For Bloggers: The No-BS Beginner’s Guide
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Search engine optimization can seem overwhelming and hyper technical, but it really comes down to a few best practices to help your content get discovered on search engines. This workshop will focus on the basics of how to get started optimizing your blog content for SEO and looking for opportunities to grow traffic.


We’ll discuss:

  • What ranking in that number one spot can REALLY do for your blog and business
  • Setting up Google Analytics and performing an audit of your blog content
  • How to do keyword research that will attract your ideal readers/customers
  • Building authority through backlinks and creating great, searchable content 


If you’ve tried to learn SEO before and walked away feeling overwhelmed or pushed it to your to do list for next month, this workshop will give you actionable tips and next steps to set yourself up for long term success that will lead to more website visitors, more exposure and ultimately more money.

What to expect at this event