Spoken Word Poetry Workshop (Third Session)


Jamey Williams

Thursday, November 12th, 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET
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Spoken Word Poetry Workshop (Third Session)
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Join us for session three of this four-session workshop. Missed the first two sessions? No problem at all! Experience from prior sessions (or with spoken word poetry more broadly!) is not required. For the past five years, Jamey Williams has been facilitating spoken word poetry workshops at various institutions, including UC Berkeley, juvenile detention centers, and K12 schools. Now, he’s bringing his acclaimed workshops online through Speakeasy. This workshop is composed of four sessions and is open to writers of all levels. At the end of this workshop, participants will better understand themselves and the world around them –- and have a few poems in their back pocket. 

Each session will include a check-in question, free write, discussion, quick lesson, and writing prompts. While each session will follow this format, the topics will vary week to week. Perhaps we will reflect on the pandemic. Perhaps we will discuss who we are when no one is around. Perhaps we'll write about pigeons. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll discover them together in these highly interactive workshops.

You can purchase tickets to both remaining sessions in this workshop here: www.speakeasy.com/event/spoken-word-1-3-4 . Invite a friend to join you!

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