How to Turn Teaching into a Business Outside of the Classroom


Rory Yakubov

Wednesday, February 24th, 5pm-6pm PT / 8pm-9pm ET
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How to Turn Teaching into a Business Outside of the Classroom
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Learn how a teacher turned educational posts on social media into a business and what steps you can take to get there, too.


Rory Yakubov was a math teacher in New Jersey. Now she’s a one woman business selling educational products to other teachers around the world. And it’s all thanks to social media. This event will explain  how Rory got started on social media, tips and tricks for what worked for her on Instagram, and how she made posts engaging and relatable.  Rory will also share the amazing opportunities that have come her way since starting to post on social media, from earning extra income to being featured in numerous online newspaper articles to getting sponsorships with companies such as Texas Instruments and Disney.  


After attending this event you will know:

  • How to sell educational resources online
  • How to promote your resources being sold 
  • How to maintain it all while still having a full time job


Participants will be encouraged to ask questions during the session so that Rory can suggest advice for success.  The second half of the session will be dedicated to interacting with participants and sharing inspirational tips.

What to expect at this event