Underwater Photography


Jill Heinerth

Mondays, Mar 8 - Mar 22, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET
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Underwater Photography
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In this workshop, work with Jill Heinerth, celebrated underwater photographer and veteran explorer, to enhance your underwater photography skills in a small-group setting. In each of three sessions, Jill will offer a dynamic multimedia presentation followed by an intimate opportunity to discuss your questions, critique common challenges, and edit the work of interested participants.


Jill will share her best practices for safety and success with advice on editing your work, building a portfolio, and even finding potential clients or opportunities to share your work. Throughout the workshop sessions, you will have ample opportunities to raise questions and get personal feedback on your work from Jill.


In the final session, Jill will also cover the essentials of underwater videography, offering a short primer on the basic principles of shooting good video content.

  • Session 1: Gear, environmental challenges, conservation, communications, composition, white balance, and histograms
  • Session 2: Advanced lighting, dive safety, working with models, editing workshop
  • Session 3: Workflow and editing workshop part 2, shooting video and storytelling, going pro, optional portfolio review


This workshop is suitable for all levels of divers. Beginner photographers will get solid understanding about underwater photography basics, helping them select appropriate gear and begin their journey. Veterans will have a chance to refine the details of their craft, get personal feedback and gain a deeper understanding of how collecting the right data will lead to the best options for editing images. All participants will learn about how to be a role model photographer using safe diving practices that do not harm the environment.

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