(Re) Building a Vinyl Record Collection


Kevin Smokler

Thursday, March 18th, 5pm-7pm PT / 8pm-10pm ET
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(Re) Building a Vinyl Record Collection
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Maybe you've heard vinyl records are back. The old black plastic way of listening to music has become the favorite method of a new generation and a trip back into the back for those who remember records with love. 

In this session,  we'll discuss and strategize how you can get back into and keep building your vinyl record collection. We'll talk about: 

  • Where to find great new and used records both near you and online,
  • How to take care of and store your vinyl
  • How to make records sound great and how well they pair with your streaming music account (yes!) 

After that, each person will talk about the music they love and what music they'd like to learn about and discover next. The class will then help them draw what is effectively a musical treasure map of where to find records that already make their heart sing and those new record friends they haven't yet met. 

Your new adventure with records begins here!

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