YouTube Creator Workshop: Make Your Channel Stand Out in a Sea of Content


Jack Rackam

Tuesdays, Feb 2 - Feb 16, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET
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YouTube Creator Workshop: Make Your Channel Stand Out in a Sea of Content
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YouTube has created a new media landscape where the barrier to entry in the entertainment industry has been dramatically lowered. Today, there are thousands who make their living on the platform, yet there are tens of thousands more whose work has sunk beneath the hundreds of hours of content released on the site each minute. In this three-part series, learn the experience of someone who’s built a career in online media from the ground up and how to apply it to your own work.


The event consists of three meetings. The first is a 90-minute lecture on the essentials of YouTube and how the fundamentals of storytelling apply to web series and short-form video, including examples from the speaker's personal experience and concluded with Q&A. The second two meetings are workshop sessions in which the speaker leads a group discussion on group members' personal projects with the objective of helping each person create videos that will satisfy their creative ambitions.

What to expect at this event

This event is primarily designed with the intent of helping people interested in YouTube or storytelling entertainment as a career, whether they’re thinking of starting a channel or already have a few thousand subscribers and want to hone their craft. However, the course will vary depending on the audience - YouTube is as much a business as an art form, and the workshop will be tailored to focus on one or the other. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube you’ll probably recognize some basic tips, but there’ll be some insight into a real channel as a case study with opportunities to ask questions and a direct conversation about your own work.