Speakeasy referral program

We love helping experts lead engaging events on Speakeasy. Do you someone who'd be a great fit as an expert on Speakeasy? Please refer them!

How to refer a speaker

  1. Share this link with people you think would be strong Speakeasy speakers: speakeasy.com/speak. It's as easy as that!
  2. At that link, they’ll find information about how we help speakers create events on our platform, and they can get in touch with us if they have questions or want to brainstorm ideas. They’ll also find our brief application form, which we ask all prospective speakers to fill out so we can ensure a strong match between speakers and our platform.
  3. In their application, we'll ask who referred them, and if their application is accepted, we’ll note that they were referred by you.
  4. When your referred speakers schedule events on our platform, we'll email you to let you know so you can help spread the word. When their events end, we'll pay you 5% of the revenue their events earn through the end of 2021. (This 5% will come out of our share of the revenue; speakers will still take home 70% of the revenue from their events, whether they were referred or not).

What we're looking for in speakers

Deep expertise on a topic or skill

Passion for leading interactive learning experiences

Sizeable, engaged following to promote their event to

Interest in teaching online on a regular basis

Rewards for referrals

We're grateful for your help finding talented experts, and as a token of our appreciation, we'd like to compensate you.

Referral compensation is based on the amount of revenue brought in by the speaker you refer, from the time you refer them through the end of 2021. Let's say a speaker you refer sells out an event with 20 tickets priced at $500 each. The total revenue for that event = $10,000. Of that, 5% would be allocated as compensation for the referrer (that could be you!).

If you're a Speakeasy speaker or partner, you'll receive your 5% via direct deposit after the speaker's event concludes.

If you're not a Speakeasy speaker or partner, you'll receive your 5% in the form of Speakeasy credit, which you can apply toward tickets to any Speakeasy events available for purchase through the end of 2021.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping spread the word about Speakeasy. Together, we’ll make the world brighter!