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Speakeasy makes it easy for experts to share their knowledge through live, online events.


Develop an event
that your audience
would love to experience.


Let your audience know about this opportunity to learn with you in an interactive setting.


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How does Speakeasy work?

You have knowledge or skills you want to share with the world. We make it easy for experts like you to engage your audience through live, interactive, online events. 

We’ll help you design an event that takes advantage of your expertise and that your audience will want to attend. Beyond helping with event design, we’re obsessed with making things run smoothly and will handle all of your event logistics, including:

  • Web pages to promote your event
  • Ticketing
  • Waitlists
  • Scheduling
  • Creating video conference links
  • Contacting your attendees with confirmation, reminder, and pre-reading material emails
  • Resolving cancellations, as needed
  • Providing personalized social media graphics to make your event promotion easy
  • Offering on-call support to you before, during, and after your events 

Once your event is live on our site, you just have to promote it and teach it – we handle the rest. It’s a perfect match.

What do I do as a speaker?

We help you design your event (if you’d like) and handle all of the event logistics. 

As a speaker, you:

  • Create your event
  • Promote your event
  • Lead your event

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How much money can I make as a speaker?

You take home 70% of all ticket sales. We invest the remaining 30% right back into the platform so we can constantly improve our support for you. 

Your earnings depend on three factors, all decided by you:

  • Ticket price
  • Number of tickets
  • Event frequency

We’ve had successful events with ticket prices ranging from $15 to $2,000.

Here are two ways to earn money with Speakeasy:

Single-session talk (example): 25 tickets x $30 each = $525 in potential earnings

Multi-session class (example): 15 tickets X $300 each = $3,150 in potential earnings

What types of speakers and events are a good fit for Speakeasy?

Imagine a thriving college campus. That’s how we think of Speakeasy. Any kind of educational class, thought-provoking talk, or inspiring performance that could happen on a college campus is a great fit for us, and we’re including late-night conversations in the dorms!


We offer a wide range of subjects that people can learn about together. We provide a two-way conversation where you can discuss topics with people from anywhere in the world. If you have a paying audience that can’t wait to jump into this new way of learning, then we’re a good fit for you.

We've seen the most success with single-session talks and multi-session classes. Single-session talks focus on imparting knowledge on a narrow topic over the course of an hour or 90 minutes. Here are a few examples of single-session talks we've loved:

Multi-session classes give a small group of people the opportunity to engage with a concept or skill, typically over 2-4 sessions. They often include small homework assignments, lots of interactivity during sessions, and personalized feedback on attendees' work. Get inspired by these examples of multi-session classes:

Browse all of our upcoming and past events by topic area here.

How do I become a speaker?

We ask all new speakers to first complete a brief application to ensure our platform is a good fit and to help you develop your event ideas.

Once your application is submitted, our team will review it and respond within two business days about next steps. What are we looking for in our speakers? Authority in their topic, professionalism, and a desire to help others learn new skills or knowledge. Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your application!

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How does event promotion work?

You know your audience better than we do. Our most successful events are promoted by speakers with a passionate following. The more engaged your following is, the easier it is to sell tickets to your event. We will create graphics you can use to promote your event on various social media platforms; we'll also like and share your social media posts, but ultimately you are responsible for promotion.

What makes Speakeasy events successful?

After helping experts design hundreds of events, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a successful event. No matter the topic, we’d advise you to design your event with the following attributes: 

  • Interactive
  • Focused
  • Guided
  • Specific


There are many ways for curious people to learn passively on the internet, but Speakeasy provides them with the rare opportunity to interact directly with a top expert and fellow lifelong learners.  

  • Encourage participation: Create space for Q&A, pose questions to the group, and / or facilitate discussion among attendees.
  • Break up your talk: No matter how engaging the speaker, it’s tough to passively absorb information for long stretches of time, especially online. Consider having an interactive segment every 10-15 minutes.


We’ve found that attendees are happiest when they feel like they’ve fully grasped one specific topic. The more focused your topic, the more time you’ll have to dig deep into that topic, and the more satisfied participants are likely to be.

  • Imagine what participants will tell others about your event. Is it reasonable to assume participants would be able to summarize your talk along these lines? “I just went to an event about BLANK. It was amazing! I learned BLANK, BLANK, and BLANK.”


Participants consistently say they prefer it when speakers tell them upfront what they’ll cover and how the time will be structured. That way, they can enjoy the experience without being distracted wondering about what’s coming next.

  • Choose the top 2-3 things people should take away from your event, and structure your session around those points.
  • Provide an agenda upfront in the pre-work and signposts along the way. People pay closer attention and enjoy the experience more if they know where your event is going. 


The key to a great Speakeasy event is to choose a narrow topic you can tackle in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Let’s say you’re a historian. Selecting “The History of the World” as your topic might not be the best choice. You’d have to sprint through thousands of years of history in a couple of hours, and your audience would miss out on a deeper, more satisfying experience learning about a focused topic.
  • An event about the history of mariachi music would be a much stronger idea. The narrower the topic, the more time you have to explore it. 

What's included in the legal agreement I sign as a speaker?

We've tried to make our speaker agreement as bare-bones as possible while still keeping our lawyers happy. You can always find the latest version of the speaker agreement here. We'll ask you to consent to the agreement before publishing your event.

Does Speakeasy record events?

We record all our events and send participants a non-downloadable, password-protected link to the recording. These links are accessible for 10 days. This allows people who bought a ticket but couldn't attend to catch up and gives those who were there a chance to re-watch. However, we don’t currently distribute these recordings broadly. If you'd prefer we don't share the recording with participants, just let us know by emailing within 48 hours of publishing your event. Learn more about recording usage in our standard speaker agreement.

Why should I work with Speakeasy?

We think there’s nothing more magical than bringing people together for experiences that are both educational and social. It’s what we loved about college and what we’ve been yearning to recreate ever since. Many of us previously worked at Khan Academy, and we care deeply about high-quality education. We’re passionate about helping experts connect with their audiences for live, interactive experiences, and we can’t wait to work with you to make the world brighter.