Andrew Henry

Religious Studies Scholar and Former Archaeological Excavator
Andrew is an expert in religion, archaeology, and ancient history. He merges his experience in excavation with his passion for education as the founder of Religion for Breakfast, the largest religious studies YouTube channel.


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Andrew Henry is a scholar of religious studies and a YouTube content creator. Andrew’s academic background spans ancient history, archaeology, and religious studies. He specializes in the religions of the ancient Mediterranean world, focusing specifically on the archaeology of early Christianity in late antique Asia Minor and ancient Syria. He is a former archaeological excavator in Athens, Greece with the American School of Classical Studies and a research fellow at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem.

Over the past five years, he has worked on the forefront of online religious literacy education as the host and founder of Religion for Breakfast, the largest religious studies YouTube channel on the platform. Religion for Breakfast approaches religion as an academic subject through the lens of sociology, anthropology, history, and cognitive science.


"I loved this session. The speaker was at the top of his game - clearly intelligent, had expertise, great slides, knew what he wanted to get across, etc. He received excellent questions during the talk, and he handled them very well. EXCELLENT."

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